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UPDATED Incentives: In order to promote EV growth, several utilities & government departments have been offering incentives.
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Tesla Tesla Clarence Supercharger Meeting Notes

Nov 12 2014 08:04 PM | Daniel in Articles

While checking news sources about the Tesla Supercharger, I found the notes for the Town Board meeting held on November 5th and have attached the Tesla related notes to this post.

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Meet Sparky, a LEAF based Ute

Sep 18 2014 07:10 AM | Daniel in Articles

Some of the Nissan engineers at Nissan's Technical Center in Stanfield, AZ decided to play Frankenstein and 'vehicle-chopped' a Nissan LEAF and Nissan Frontier together. The results are interesting, and it's great to see that the LEAF is getting that kind of attention.

The LEAF chassis was combined with the bed of a Nissan Frontier (which seemed to fit, at least lengthwise), allowing the engineers to use the vehicle for chores around the massive 3,050 acres facility.

Check the video below, which shows off the vehicle in action, and even shows some construction shots.

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Event National Drive Electric Week 2014 Central New York Details

Jul 07 2014 01:58 PM | Daniel in Articles

It looks like we finally have a location locked down (what a process!) for the Central New York edition of the National Drive Electric Week event: Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (also known as the MoST) in Syracuse.The Milton J....

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Charging Stations Everything You Need To Know About Charging Your EV

Jun 20 2014 07:44 AM | Daniel in Articles

Edmunds.com posted a great, and very detailed, article about charging electric vehicles. It's an easy read, no matter what your background is. If he added references to EVSEupgrade.com, the OpenEVSE project and wireless charging (such as the Plugless...

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Tesla Motors Strikes Deal With New York State and Can now Sell to Customers Directly

Jun 18 2014 10:05 AM | Levl2 in Articles

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) and the New York Automobile Dealers Association have finally reached an agreement that allows the EV maker to keep selling its cars directly to consumers in the state.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on agreement between the two parties. The report sent Tesla stock soaring 8.81% to $224.61 on Monday.

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Charging Stations International Brother of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Charging Stations Going Online Across Training Centers in NY

Jun 17 2014 09:04 AM | Daniel in Articles

Several training centers of the International Brother of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in New York State are in process of installing dual 6 kWh charging stations (with the locations listed below being online already) thanks to support from NYSERDA. This...

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Albany NYSERDA & NYPA Announce 6 New Level 2 Charging Stations at Albany Airport

Jun 12 2014 11:51 AM | Daniel in Articles

As part of the Charge NY program, NYPA and NYSERDA teamed up to install 6 level 2 electric vehicle charging stations at the Albany Airport, 3 in the long-term parking lot, and 3 in the main parking garage. The stations can produce up to 6 kW, and are free for the next 2 years.

It looks like these are Eaton level 2 units, relying on the EV Connect service, so you are going to have to install yet another app to use this charging station (EV Connect for Android, EV Connect for iOS).

A video showing off the stations can be found on the NYSERDA Facebook page, or you can read the full press release below.

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BMW BMW i3 Test Drive Event in Syracuse (June 14th)!

Jun 11 2014 02:37 PM | Daniel in Articles

In case you haven't had a chance to test drive a BMW i3 yet (I highly recommend it, fantastic car IMO), BMW is sending several cars to Burdick BMW in Syracuse this Saturday June 14th, so you can take one for a spin. You do have to make a 'reservatio...

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Rochester City of Rochester Celebrates Earth Day with 24 New Charging Stations

Apr 22 2014 12:13 PM | Daniel in Articles

While I reported a while back that the City of Rochester is installing a bunch of electric vehicle charging stations all over town, it looks like they officially brought them online today, and even had a ribbon cutting ceremony. Keep on reading for the locations and press release.

Attached Image: Bl10TRCIAAAuij0.jpg

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Tesla Tesla Launches New Business Leasing Program

Apr 08 2014 05:58 AM | Daniel in Articles

For the folks wanting to be able to deduct a Tesla vehicle from their business taxes, Tesla has heard you, and just launched a business leasing program, financed through 'Tesla Finance'. Tesla is also focusing on making the leasing process user-friendly by reducing the large stacks of paperwork, and offering the ability to sign the agreement electronically.

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